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Renowned Speakers

Michael Fossel

Michael Fossel

Michael Fossel President of Telocyte, author of "Cells, Aging, and Human Disease" (Oxford University Press)USA USA

Ken Ware

Ken Ware

NeuroPhysics Therapy Institute and Research Centre, Australia Australia

Kenneth Storey

Kenneth Storey

Carleton University, Canada Canada

Juliana Melody Fort

Juliana Melody Fort

Louisiana State University Health Shreveport, United States USA

Juan Moreira

Juan Moreira

CNC / Gnosis Neurointegrative Center, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

Kindy Mark

Kindy Mark

University of South Florida, United States USA

W S El Masri

W S El Masri

Keele University, United Kingdom UK

Neurological Disorders 2024

About Conference

The conference series is pleased to announce the “13th International Conference on Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases, scheduled for 17-18 October 2024 in London, UK. We warmly welcome participants from around the world to this important conference that encourages the exchange of ideas and the publication of new advances in neurology and neuroscience.

The theme of the conference will be "Medications for Stroke Prevention ". Our aim is to provide an excellent program covering a broad spectrum of research related to neurological disorder and stroke. The conference will explore different treatment options within the neuroscience community, encouraging collaboration, design and future thinking for neurological diseases.

We look forward to inviting stroke groups and organizations to this conference to provide a platform for meaningful discussion that will contribute to the advancement and understanding of stroke, paralysis and cerebrovascular diseases.

Participation Benefits

Directors, neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, neuroscientists, department heads, professors and students from specialized studies on neurological problems, as well as industry ambassadors, business leaders, stroke chief, neuro-oncologist, CEO and CEO were invited to the conference. Head of R&D. "13th International Conference on Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases."

Why should you attend?

Generate sales

Launch new products

Share your brand

Network with potential marketers and suppliers

Create important relationships experience

For medical, medical and educational organizations

With whom will you meet?




Nervous system diseases

Neurodegenerative diseases

Cerebrovascular diseases

Spine and spinal diseases


Brain tumour and Neuro -Oncology

Neuropsychiatry and Mental Health


Why should you join?

Neurological Disorders 2023 is a unique conference that brings together international experts, experts in neuroscience and neurology, neurologists, doctors, researchers, academic reviewers, industry experts and specialists to discuss research and innovation. The conference aims to present new treatment ideas that could help many neurological diseases in 2023.

Main Discussion:

Neurological Diseases

Cerebrovascular Disease


Spine and Spinal Disease

Brain Tumours and Neuro-Oncology

Stroke and Treatment


Neuropsychology and Behavioural Sciences

Neuropharmacology >Multiple Sclerosis

Neurology and Nursing

Neuropsychiatry and Mental Health

>Neurodiagnostic and Imaging Technology

Neurological Diseases: Research and Clinical Treatment Neurological Diseases

13th International Conference on Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases is a platform that brings together experts in neuroscience, neurology and brain research, open to the public. Health, research Business and education discuss science and technology.

Target Audience:


Department Heads


Sector Leaders





>Nerve Surgery


Psychiatry Students


American Neurosurgery Association

United States Stroke Association

American Academy of Neurology

European Neurological Association

World Federation of Neurology

Spanish Neurological Society

National Stroke Association

The conference has the following benefits on your Google profile: Gain international visibility through online business and networking, learning and collaboration. It provides visibility for sponsors and publishers, new business opportunities and the opportunity to present innovations to a global audience.

Market Analysis

Neurological Disorders 2024 arranges to gather all around the globe 2024. Here we welcome you to the 13th International Conference on Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases from October 17-18, 2024 in London, UK.

People with severe mental illness have more physical illnesses compared to the general population. But even in rich countries, physical health screening is not unique. Dangerous lifestyle changes lead to excess mortality and depression in these people. The difficulty of understanding physical therapy is affected by the patient's doctor, treatment, and physical characteristics. Shifting the focus of mental health professionals from psychological treatment to the management and treatment of physical disorders will have a positive impact on improving the physical health of patients with mental disorders.

Taking action at the system level can be difficult, but individual doctors can improve treatment options by taking small but necessary precautions and treatments. Being careful and following medical recommendations will have a positive effect on the body. Therapists of the future are ready to support and educate people with serious mental health issues about lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol consumption, poor nutrition and lack of exercise. Following the guidelines outlined in this document will help improve the global health and well-being of people with mental illness.

Glimpse of Past Conference Disorder 2023 Review

The “12th International Conference Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases”, held in Frankfurt, Germany  between October 04-05, 2023, concluded with great success. The theme of "Recommended International Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases Conference" attracted attention and important speakers from famous companies and universities were invited to the event.

The conference includes several sessions and plenary sessions to thank all guests and keynote speakers. Special thanks to speakers such as Peter-Silburn from the University of Queensland, Australia; David-Rowell of the Queensland Brain Institute in Australia; Fahad-AlKheray from the University of Ottawa, Canada; and Galina-Mindlin from Mount Sinai, USA. His presentations greatly increased the knowledge of the participants.

The conference is very grateful to its host, Professor Sam Vaknin from the Russian Southern Federal University, for his significant contribution to the success of the conference. The support of the 2023 Neurological Disorders Organizing Committee, keynote speakers, plenary speakers, session chairs, conferences, young researchers and other participants plays an important role in completing the meeting.

Special thanks to the panellists including Jack Ray Gallagher from Clarity Pharma Research LLC, USA; Joseph C DiNardo, toxicologist in the personal care industry, USA; and Renata Porphyria from Piovano Medical Centre, Brazil, for their great support.

Looking ahead, Neurological Disorder 2024 has been announced and we are proud to host the 13th International Conference on Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases in London, UK, on 17 -18 October 2024. The theme of this conference is "Industry Development and Modern Research in Stroke Treatment and Prevention".

Book your days for this highly anticipated event that promises networking, education and networking. Neurological Disorder 2024 aims to share knowledge and exchange ideas by bringing together experts and specialists in the field of neurology and cerebrovascular diseases.

Conference will focus on important areas such as Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, dementia care, new treatments in dementia, brain diseases, stroke rehabilitation, brain haemorrhage, brain tumour and neuro-oncology, Neuropsychiatry, Anxiety and Depression. , Dementia Treatment, Bioinformatics Approaches to Dementia, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Neurology and Brain Surgery, Neuropharmacology, Psychiatric Mental Health Disorders, Neuroimaging Biomarkers, Vascular Alzheimer's disease and the central nervous system, Alzheimer's disease and tics, and research on dementia biology.

The success of Neurological Disorders 2023 sets the stage for an even more impactful Neurological Disorders 2024. We invite esteemed professionals, researchers, students, and industry experts to join us in London, UK, on October 17-18, 2024, for what promises to be a highly successful and enriching congress. Your presence will contribute to making Neurological Disorders 2024 a standout event in the field of neurology and cerebrovascular diseases.

To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date October 17-18, 2024

Speaker Opportunity

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